Elizabeth's Writings

Dear Readers,

Let's face it.  I'm not a blogger.  And I don't know if I ever will be.  But I do write things other than novels.  In fact, long before I ever had a book published, I was writing  down my thoughts in short essays and anecdotal stories.  This was how I survived the early years raising toddlers in a foreign country.  Even now, I continue to write short essays about things God teaches me through the living of everyday life.

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Mozart, Billy Joel and Jesus (Spring, 2011)

The Slow Ache (Winter, 2010)

On the Streets (Winter, 2010)

A Trip to Venice and to Kephalonia, Greece (Summer 2009)
(this is a LONG journal entry, but there are some beautiful pictures you might enjoy seeing=)  

Weeping and Rejoicing (Summer 2009)

Going out of our Way (Fall, 2008)
~a tribute to International Teams, the missions agency we have been with for 26 years

Psalms of Ascent (Spring, 2008)
~These are my personal versions of Psalms 120-134, written as I did Beth Moore's study called Stepping Up.  I was greatly blessed by this study.  I encourage you to try it! 
Becoming French  (January, 2008)

Perseverance (2007)
~Reflections on a writer's life  
During the Drought(2007)
~dry land, dry soul--a poem 
~reflections on the abundance in America and what we need to do about it
The Silent Flight   (scroll down to read)(2007)

Notes from my Journal on Empty Nesting (2007)

Rats on the Beach (2005)

The Light Festival (2005)

The Crystal Goblet and the Sippy Cup (1994)

Bearing Fruit in Its Season (1992) 

This Little Mommy Went to Market, 
This Little Mommy Stayed Home (1991)

The Problem with Paul (1991)

Of Blood and Chocolate (1991)

On Winning (1991)

If you have read my early books, Two Crosses and Two Testaments, you'll know about the French tradition of santons, handpainted clay figurines of villagers bringing their wares to the Baby Jesus.  We love to put up our santon creche every year.  Here are a few photos:  
For a peek into my Christmas traditions, visit Camy Tang's blog http://camys-loft.blogspot.com/
and look under the 12 Authors of Christmas!
Paul and me in a few years with our sweet dog Beau=).
Beauty from our yard...