The Week of the Christian Book
March 10-14, 2009
I was given the honor of writing a novella for my Dutch publisher, Kok, to be distributed in bookstores in Holland during their 'Week of the Christian Book'.  As a way to encourage readers and help bookstores and publishers, this event, begun a decade ago, allows bookstores the right to give away a free novella to those who purchase books during this week.
I had the privilege of handing out the prize for the 'Best Dutch Author of 2008' to Mattheus van der Steen.
Some of the staff at Kok.
Much to our delight, our own dog 'Beau' was featured on the cover of the novella.  Although he was unable to attend the events with us, Beau did send 'pawprints' placed on stickers for those lucky readers who were first in line at the bookstores!
Also during this evening, Els de Jong-van Gurp, head of the BCB (Branch Organization of Christian Books) presented me with the first copy of my novella, Waiting for Peter.
At a bookstore in Spakenburg, I was presented with a very large cookie 'heart', a specialty of this charming fishing village.
Speaking to high school students.
A beautifully restored bookstore (and look carefully at that table--it's a big book!)
It was quite encouraging to see all six of my novels (yes, including Two Destinies), in print in the Dutch bookstores.
BOOKSIGNINGS around Holland
Paul and me and the North Sea!
What fun to meet several of my translators, including this woman who translated Two Destinies and my newest novel, Words Unspoken (coming out in the States in May and in Holland in August).
The bookstore owner's daughter named her stuffed doggie 'Sunny' after the dog in my novella.
The family owners of the bookstore.  Notice the woman in the middle in traditional Dutch dress.
Thatched roofs and lace curtains.
Bikes everywhere!  Here they are parked outside of a train station.
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The tulips weren't out yet, but I did bring some daffodils back with me.
Thank you to all the wonderful Dutch people who made our trip possible!  Tot Ziens!