Meilleurs Voeux 2010
Happy New Year 2010
Tous ensemble en France pour Noel
All together in France for Christmas
Andrew et Lacy se sont fiances en octobre; mariage pour mai 2010!
Andrew and Lacy get engaged in October and are planning a May, 2010 wedding!
Chris continue ses etudes a l'universite et devient responsable du groupe de jeunes dans une petite eglise
Chris continues his studies at Covenant College and becomes youth leader in a small church
Beau essaie de veiller sur toute la famille.
Beau tries to watch over all of us
La Famille MUSSER vous souhaite:
The Musser Family wishes you:
Paul et Elizabeth apprecient la creation de Dieu en route vers Keffalonia, Grece
Paul and Elizabeth appreciate God's creation en route to the Greek island of Keffalonia 
Un petit mot de la Bible:

"Or la foi est une ferme asurance des choses qu'on espere, une demonstration de celles qu'on ne voit pas." Hebreux 11 v.1

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1
"Jesus-Christ est le meme hier, aujourd'hui et eternellement." Hebreux 13 v. 8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13: 8
Le Seigneur Jesus veille sur nous tous.
The Lord Jesus Christ watches over us all.
Que cette nouvelle annee soit remplie de la foi et l'esperance en Dieu qui ne change jamais.
 May your new year be filled with faith and hope in our unchanging God.  

Avec beaucoup d'affection,
With much love, 

Paul, Elizabeth, Andrew, Chris, Beau (and soon, Lacy)

Dear Friends,

Recently, I stopped in the midst of my activities and gasped.  Easter was just around the corner.  Daily I had been pouring my heart out to the Lord, asking for His peace in the midst of a particularly busy season of life.  I’d also spent hours interceding for several friends going through desperately hard situations.  I’d been in close contact with Jesus, but I wasn’t coming before Him in gratefulness for His sacrifice.  It was all about me.  

That realization broke my heart.  “Forgive me, Father, when my life for You gets so full that I don’t take time to contemplate Your sacrifice and Your glorious resurrection.”

The Apostle Paul says, “I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”  (Ephesians 4:1)  Oh, how Paul and I want to live in a worthy manner.  Will you please pray that our focus will be riveted on Jesus as we live out these activities?

In the past six months, I’ve been challenged as I participate in the Lifesprings School of Women’s Ministry, a new 18-month long school whose goal is to train up women who desire to serve God in their churches around Europe.   We meet in Grenoble every three months for one super-intense day of study and have homework to complete in the between times.   As well as being a student, I am also a mentor to a group of six French women. 

One of the great things about this school is that I’m getting to put into practice some of the principles of leading a women’s ministry as I work with other women in our church in Lyon.  We continue developing our women’s ministry through offering Breakfasts meetings with teaching, fellowship and food.  Please pray for us as we look forward to expanding this ministry.
Many of you have asked about the ministry to prostitutes here in Lyon.  As of this writing, we’ve been out in the streets meeting with the girls on six different occasions.  Our hearts are broken as we penetrate this dark, dark place.  We also meet to pray and plan twice a month.  Please pray as we speak with the city authorities and the police about our venture and as we present this ministry in churches in Lyon, desiring to get others involved.  When I spoke of this at our church in March, we had a dozen people sign up to pray and become involved.

If you receive my reader updates, you know that I’m coming to Atlanta soon.  I would greatly value your prayers as I will be speaking/teaching on the theme “Words Unspoken: Distinguishing God’s Truth from Lies.”  My schedule is here.  Thanks so much for your prayers, and if you’re in the area, I’d love to see you at one of the events.  I’ll be staying through the end of May (see next paragraph) and Paul will join me at the end of April.

What a difference two months makes!
We are getting very excited about Andrew and Lacy’s upcoming wedding on May 15 in Ringgold, Georgia.   Please pray for this precious young couple.  Lacy will be graduating from Covenant College on May 8 and is looking for a job in Atlanta in her field of community development.  Andrew has one more year of engineering at Georgia Tech.  We’re thrilled that the newlyweds will be able to spend two weeks with us in June so that Andrew can introduce Lacy to France and his friends here.

In September, Philippe, the divorced father who has leukemia, married a woman who is hostile to the Christian faith.  Our attempts to reach out to this couple have had mixed results.  They enjoyed a time this winter with members of our Bible study as well as several non-believing spouses.  Please join us in praying that the Lord’s love will touch the hearts of these precious people who do not yet know Him as Savior.
One of my goals for our church is to see more sharing, more transparency, more accountability.  With this in mind, we have invited people to create groups of 2-3 people who read quite a bit of Scripture during the week and then come together to ask accountability questions and pray for our non-Christian friends.  We hope to see these groups multiply as we seek to touch more and more people involved in church life.  For those already participating in the groups, the feedback is almost unanimous – “why didn’t we do this sooner?” My group of men is really a highlight in my week, as we meet over lunch break.  Time is obviously limited, but we’re seeing men and women grow in their willingness and ability to examine their lives in the light of the Bible.  Pray with us for courage to step out and invite others to join in this venture, and for the Lord to bless this disciple-making process.
I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the young teen group, 12-14 years old.  We meet twice a month during the Sunday service to share, to discuss, and to look at how the Bible can be applied to routine questions that confront us on a regular basis.  I have three people helping out this year, but need to develop more of a team to lead this group by next fall.  Please pray for discernment on my part, and that the Lord would both prepare people for this ministry and then lead me to them – helping each of us understand His purposes for these kids in the coming year.
From Paul
During the month of March, I presented two weekend seminars on parenting.  My goal was to get the parents in church to open up and discuss their questions and problems and I was pleased to watch this happen as we talked about discipline, love languages and more.  

Some of the elders are beginning to get excited about the idea of a church plant, and we have a French expert in the matter coming in early June to help us think in concrete ways about the next steps for our church.  The last couple of years we have been heavily involved in planning and renovating our property, and now that we’re approaching the end of our first year back in our “new building” we’re excited to see the next steps.  Please join us in asking God for wisdom, for hearts to listen to His voice, and for the patience to wait on His leading.  As the wise psalmist writes, “Unless the Lord builds the house, he who builds does so in vain…”

Over Easter weekend, 1000 young people from all over France, Switzerland and Belgium attended ‘Paques 2010’, a three-day Easter celebration in Geneva.  Twenty-six young people from our church (ages 15-30) were present and the reports are exciting to hear.  Will you pray that God’s Spirit would continue to encourage these young people as they return to their 'home turfs'?

Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!

With much love, Paul and Elizabeth

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Spring, 2010
Elizabeth turns 50!
Spring 2010
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Paul demon-strating a great spiritual truth to the Jr. High kids

Dear Friends,Summer, 2010

Wedding  Wonders

Since a picture paints a thousand words, please choose a photo above, click on it and you'll be able to scroll through the photos of our wedding week with Andrew and Lacy as well as the two receptions we had for them here in France, one in Montpellier and one at our house here outside of Lyon.  The whole month filled with celebrations was a delightful gift from Jesus and I kept thinking to myself, "Jesus loves weddings--He chose that image to represent His most beloved possession--us--the Bride of Christ."  We certainly rejoice to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Musser!

Writing and Speaking

Thank you for your prayers for my different speaking engagements in April where my topic was 'Words Unspoken-Distinguishing God's Truth from Lies'.  I have also just turned in my manuscript for my new novel which will be released in June 2011.  And I have exciting news to share about the trilogy I wrote back in the 90s.  For a few photos of my time in April, as well as that news, click here.

Church Planting

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, in June we had a French church planting expert present a half-day seminar to 25 interested people in our church.  The conclusion?  Lots of enthusiasm, some new ideas to feed our reflections, and a reminder that it all needs to be grounded in prayer.  The church leadership was exhorted to seek out and identify people in our congregation with the needed gifts to begin a church plant.  In the midst of this discussion, and in the Lord's way of surprising us, Paul and I had another consideration in view.

A New Role for Us with International Teams

In early April, before I flew to the US, Scott Olson, the IT USA president, and his wife, Jill, came for a visit.  What transpired was that IT has asked Paul and me to take on a new position in pastoral care for missionaries.  Although surprised by this request, we have always had a heart to care for missionaries and have benefited from others on the field who have been available to help us.  Historically IT has had a Human Resources position in the home office in Chicago, someone who made trips to visit missionaries.  Scott has recognized the need to restructure and has asked us to take this step of faith with him.  Basically we have agreed to a 12-18 month trial period in which we would work with Scott and IT's Human Resource Department in the States to create this job, and we'd start by working within a narrow geographic area.  The goal is that this would eventually be a full-time position with us pastoring and traveling more widely.

In God's perfect timing, Paul was able to meet with the leadership in several of our supporting churches while he was in the States in May.  We are so thankful for the advice and prayers of many 'wise counselors'.  The consensus from these meetings was a resounding 'yes, we see you both in this role.'

We will still live in Lyon, stay in our home and continue limited local ministry in the French church, but eventually our role will involve much more travel.  IT approached us some years ago about a similar role, and though we felt we had the right gift mix, we sensed the timing was wrong, as Andrew and Chris were still with us and in those crucial teen years.  But now, as empty nesters, Paul and I will have much more freedom to travel together.

We believe very strongly that helping missionaries stay healthy on the field is crucial--spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, physically.  We plan to network with many other missionaries and counselors with whom we've had the privilege to journey over the past 20 + years.

Will you please pray for us as we step out into this brand new role?  We especially need wisdom to know which of our local ministries we can continue and which we will hand off to others.  

Of course, this new role involves travel, which means we need to create a new travel budget.  We have an immediate need of $3000 to fund a trip to the States this fall which includes returning to mission headquarters  in Chicago to meet face to face with people in the Human Resource Department as well as attending a conference on Pastoring Missionaries.  If you'd like to contribute to this one-time need, you may contact International Teams here.   (Be sure to designate the gift as 'Musser Travel Fund').  If you would like to be involved in a more long-term support role for this new ministry, please send us an email, and we'll get you the information you need.  You can be sure that we'll gladly welcome you to our team! 

Also, if you have any questions for us about this new role (or any other aspect of our ministry, for that matter), please, please send us an email.  You have journeyed with us for all these years, and we know that we will need your support and prayers all the more as we step out into this adventure.

With much love and thankfulness for your partnership,

Elizabeth and Paul

Lacy graduates from Covenant CollegeThe groomsmen--three of whom are Andrew's friends from France.  Chris was the best man.Chris and Andrew with Granddad at the rehearsal dinnerMom with her handsome young men at the rehearsal dinnerPurple was the theme color of the evening!The whole church-planting team from Montpellier is reunited for the first time since 2001: Odette Beauregard, Mary Elise Owens, Howard and Trudy Owens, Chris, Andrew, Will Owens, Elizabeth and Paul, Charlotte OwensThey grew up to be wonderful kids!The wedding partyAndrew and Lacy did a dramatic dip and kiss when Howard said, "You may kiss your bride".  The congregation erupted in applause.Mr and Mrs. Andrew MusserThe Paul Musser family with our new daughter.The whole Musser gang at the receptionThe Goldsmith gang at the receptionThe reception for Andrew and Lacy at the Pompignane church in Montpellier, FranceYoung lovers walking on the beach at Carnon, near MontpellierGetting ready for the reception at our house in FranceLacy, Andrew and BeauSome of the friends who came to celebrate with us--we had an 'open house' on a Saturday afternoon and 65 guests came.
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The Junior High group at our house for their end-of-the-year weekend.
Summer 2010

~a wonderful wedding week in May

~the "Light in the Streets" youth camp where 20 French youth (mostly from our church) did open air evangelism near the church


~for God's empowering strength in our new role with IT

~wisdom to know which ministries we can continue in the local church

~provision of people in the church to fill the roles we can no longer continue

~direction for our church in Lyon as they pursue a vision for church planting

~for clear direction as we move forward with ministry to women on the streets of Lyon

~for Chris as he recovers from mononucleosis and begins his Jr. year at Covenant

~for Andrew and Lacy as they pursue job hunting and Andrew starts back at Georgia Tech this fall

Dear Friends,Fall, 2010

Tears filled my eyes as fellow missionaries serving in France and Spain gathered around Paul and me and prayed for us at the retreat last week where ITeams USA president Scott Olson presented us as the mission's first PTMs (Pastors to Members).  This retreat gave Paul and me the chance to reconnect with these missionaries (and meet some for the first time) and launch our new role.  We are excited about this position and consider it a great privilege and responsibility to extend member care to ITeams USA’s missionaries throughout Europe.  
Here are a few questions we've been asked:

How many missionaries will you be serving?

Eventually, we will be caring for 50 family units in 14 countries across Europe who are involved in refugee work, outreach to Muslims, anti-slavery ministries, church planting, urban work, youth ministry and much more.  
You went to the States in September for training--how did it go?

We learned so much about this new role at a conference we attended in Colorado 
in September.  What a blessing to meet with over 100 other men and women 
from many different mission organizations whose sole (and soul) aim is to minister encouragement and spiritual refreshment to workers around the world.  We left feeling that the Lord has been preparing us for this role for many years.  
How will you finance your travels to visit these teams?

We don’t have a complete answer to that, but God does!  What we do know is that many of you have faithfully supported our ministry for many years, and we are thankful for all of you who have agreed to stay with us on this new journey.  We will need to raise a significant amount of new support for travel funds and will be sharing more about this soon.

What about the royalties from Elizabeth's novels?

The royalties I receive from the sale of my novels have helped keep us afloat in the past, especially with the weakening dollar.  Based on the past 10 years, we can assume that royalties will help cover a part of the travel expenses, but we will still need to trust the Lord for the rest. 

What about your local ministries?

We have exciting news about a church plant!  Two days after we returned to France in October, the members of the Bible study we’ve been attending for 7 years held a church service in a little village north of Lyon.  We have all been praying for years that the Lord would open doors in this village where several of our members live.  It is thrilling to see this grass-roots movement.  Please pray for this group as we seek to start up a monthly church service as well as a debate series.

*This year, three young adults who were very involved in the senior high youth group have joined with Paul and two other adults to take over the Junior High ministry.  Thanks so much for your prayers!  We're delighted with the way the Lord has answered!

*We are presenting the work of the association Alliance de l’Esperance to other churches, with the goal of getting more French believers involved in this ministry to prostitutes and especially those who have been trafficked.

*And yes, we’ll be hosting the traditional ‘Christmas Cookie’ weekend where the youth help bake and distribute cookies and other goods to merchants and neighbors, Dec. 18-19.

ITeams France

At the retreat last week, we were introduced to Thierry Mirone, the director of the newly formed ITeams France.  Yes, France is now sending out French youth to be involved in missions!  This is a ‘dream-come-true’ for missionaries—seeing national churches beginning to send their youth out to proclaim the Good News to other nations.  But Thierry didn’t come alone.  He brought with him several young people, who at barely twenty years old, have not only been on several short-term teams with Thierry, but are now preparing to lead trips themselves.   One by one, they shared how they have been used by God to lead others to Christ in distant lands and to “give a cup of cold water to the thirsty.”  “This is the beginning of a revival for young Christians in France,” they said.  France is growing up spiritually and transitioning from a “receiving” nation to a “sending nation”.  This is true multiplication!

Finances – International Teams. 411 W. River Road. Elgin, IL  60123
Correspondance–898 Quai Pierre Dupont, 69270 Rochetaillee-sur-Saone, FRANCE
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God graciously allowed us to spend time with our families while in the US.  
~The newlyweds (I call them the lovebirds) are living right next door to my parents, pursuing studies and working.

~My mother is still recovering from open-heart surgery that was performed a year ago.  It's been a rough year for her, but for those of you who know Mom, you won't be surprised to hear she's been a real fighter!

~Paul's father was moved to a nursing home in October as caring for his Alzheimers and dialysis and other illnesses has become impossible for Paul's brave and wonderful mother.  Please pray for the whole family as the Mussers adjust.

~Chris continues to struggle with a very bad case of mono.  Please keep praying for complete healing and restoration.
We are so very thankful for all of you!

Much love, Elizabeth and Paul
Fall 2010
Scott Olson with us 
The gang in front of the Chartreuse Mountain range.
Other ministry news:
Thierry Mirone (right) with IT missionary John Pavey (left) and one of the first youths sent out with ITeams France.
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*In our last update, we asked that you pray for our discernment as we figure out which local ministries 
we can still be a part of and which to let go.  Although 
we are still involved in the above local ministries, 
we are no longer in leadership roles.  Please continue 
to pray for us as we set up boundaries in our life.  
We want to be good stewards of all the resources the Lord has given us, (time, finances, talents and gifts, health) and good examples for those to whom we minister.
"I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually 
be in my mouth.  My soul will make its boast in the Lord; the humble will hear it and rejoice.  O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name forever." Psalm 34: 1-3