Meilleurs Voeux de la Famille Musser (un peu en retard!)
Happy New Year from the Mussers (a little late!)

Apres 6 mois en Amerique, nous voila de retour 'chez nous' en France.
After 6 months in the States, we are now back 'home' in France.

Notre Annee 2008:
2008~the year in review:
Chris est a Montpellier avec CREPS pour son annee terminale
Il recoit son Bac en juillet avec Mention Tres Bien.  Il faut bien l'arroser!

Chris is in Montpellier for his senior year.  He graduates with a baccalaureate summa                                          cum laude.  That's worth celebrating!

Andrew termine son deuxieme annee aux States en prepa pour etre ingenieur.  Il aime ses etudes, et il aime surtout une certaine jeune fille qui s'appelle Lacy.

Andrew finishes his second year in college in his pre-engineering program.  He likes his studies, and he especially likes a certain young lady named Lacy.

Toute la famille Goldsmith passe une semaine incroyable en Costa Rica. 

The whole Goldsmith family spends an amazing week in Costa Rica.

Chris debute ses etudes 
superieures a la meme 
universite qu'Andrew
en Georgie.

Chris starts his studies at 
Covenant College, joining
Andrew there.

 Paul fait un stage dans l'Eglise de Lookout Mountain en Tennessee.

  Paul does an internship at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church in Tennessee. 

      Nous passons Thanksgiving 
              a New York avec la 
    famille Goldsmith.  
        Premiere fois a New York 
      pour Paul, Andrew et Chris.

        We spend Thanksgiving in
      New York with the Goldsmith
      family.  First visit to New York
         for Paul, Andrew and Chris.

Il le fete avec un tournoi de foot~avec ses fils, ses freres,
ses copains de longues dates et tous leurs fils.

He celebrates with an indoor soccer tournament complete with his sons,                             his brothers, his high school and college friends and all their sons!

Que votre nouvelle annee soit remplie de joie!

May your new year be filled with joy!

On top of the Empire State Building

Paul et Elizabeth voyagent pas mal pendant l'automne (10 etats, 10,000 kilometres) et visite le QG de leur employeur a Chicago ainsi que la maison d'edition qui publie les romans d'Elizabeth en Minnesota.

Paul and Elizabeth spend a lot of time on the road (traveling to 10 states, 10,000 kilometers) and visit International Teams headquarters in Chicago and Elizabeth's publisher, Bethany House, in Minneapolis.

Elizabeth fait plusieurs dedicaces pour ses livres 

Elizabeth has many book signings 

On passe
des moments benis avec nos chers amis, la famille Owens.

We spend some blessed times with our dear friends (and former teammates) the Owens family.

Paul a 50 ans!!!!!Paul turns 50!!!!
Et une soiree 'danse folklorique' avec de la famille et des amis.     
     And a night of square dancing with family and friends.
Toute la famille Musser a Kentucky.    The whole Musser gang in Kentucky.
Le nouveau roman d'Elizabeth qui sort en mai, 2009
Elizabeth's new novel which will be in bookstores in May, 2009
"Cherchez d'abord le royaume et la justice de Dieu et toutes ces choses vous seront donnees par~dessus." Matthieu 6 v.33

 "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33
Avec toute notre affection,With all our love,

Paul, Elizabeth, Andrew et Chris
Notre cher chien 'Beau' est sur la couverture d'une nouvelle qu'Elizabeth a ecrite pour une maison d'edition en Hollande.  Nous avons une vedette dans la famille! 
Our sweet dog Beau is on the cover of a novella that Elizabeth wrote for her Dutch publishing house.  We have a star in the family!
"Goutez et voyez que le Seigneur est bon." Psaume 34 v. 8
"Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34: 8
Dear Friends,April, 2009



Easter means that we can have confidence in a Sovereign God who has conquered death.  What hope that gives us!  He is in control!  I’ve been wrestling with this concept of God’s control lately.  I just finished a 60-day online Bible study called ‘The Lord’s Table’ which I highly recommend.  The whole purpose of the course is to teach us to feast on the Lord instead of on anything else we might seek to ‘fill us’, things that can become ‘idols’ in our lives.  The Lord showed me that one idol I still need to let loose of is the desire to control things over which I have no control.  It comes down to an issue of trust.  Do I truly believe God is sovereign?  Here’s a verse I’ve been meditating on:

“May the God of hope fill you with all peace and joy as you trust Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Paul is excited to see the church becoming more and more relational.  Small discipleship 
groups are springing up, the Welcome Committee is doing a good job with newcomers, 
and there is an overall sense of this small body of Christ learning how to love each other more deeply.  The Brethren Church in Lyon has always been 
strong on teaching; it's exciting to watch the church 
sink deeper roots in the concept of church life and fellowship.  
Encouragements:  a group of young women, several of whom I have discipled in the past, are meeting on Sunday afternoons before the worship service to study and pray together.  
Several young men whom Paul sees regularly are eager to grow in Christ.

Philippe, a divorced father of three, found out a month ago, while at a regular check-up, that he has acute leukemia.  His faith in Christ as he goes through this trial has encouraged us greatly and we have also rejoiced to see the members of our church and small group reach out to him in many ways.  Still the news is devastating.  Please pray for Philippe, that his treatment would be effective and that he would continue to hold tight to Jesus.

Novel News

In March, Paul and I had the privilege of spending 5 days in Holland with my Dutch 
publisher as I spoke and signed copies of my novella, Waiting for Peter.  
For a glimpse of that week,

My new novel, Words Unspoken, will be available in bookstores starting May 1st.  I won’t be coming home for signings this year, so I’d appreciate anything you can do to spread the word.  I’ll be sending out a detailed letter to my readers soon.  If you’d like to be on that mailing list, sign up here.  At the request of my publisher, I've also created a short You Tube video about my writing: 

You can read the first two chapters of the novel here on my website:


Paul will be the speaker at a Teen Ranch youth retreat with the junior high group from
                      another church in Lyon, May 23-24.  He was the speaker last year, and they liked him so                       much that they invited him back.  (We won’t mention that he enjoyed the activities too!)

The third annual Lifesprings Retreat is taking place again in Lyon.  This retreat is specifically for anglophone Christian women living overseas and has been a great source of encouragement the past two years.  Please pray for all those involved in the organization.

Our Boys

Andrew and Christopher are coming to France this summer!  Andrew flies in to Lyon on May 10 and we’ll drive him to Metz (4 hours north) the next day where he will begin taking engineering classes at Georgia Tech’s French branch.  He's excited for this opportunity to be back in France, studying engineering with time to come home on weekends.

Chris will be arriving on May 14 and is looking for a summer job here in Lyon.  Then he will be a counselor at English Camp, July 18-August 1.  This is the wonderful camp that both Andrew and Chris attended for years—open to kids who are in the French school system but whose parents are anglophone.  He is so excited to give back to a place that was very important to him as an 'MK'.

And yes, Paul and I are thrilled to have the boys on this side of the ocean for a little while!

With great joy in our Risen Lord, 

Elizabeth and Paul

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click here
Link to YouTube video
Words Unspoken 
For a description of the study, click here and go to 'Online Courses', then 'Food Issues', then 'The Lord's Table Phase I'
As I look out the window of my little ‘writing chalet’, I see the daffodils and tulips bobbing their heads in the breeze, and I can almost hear them whispering the words to the familiar Easter Song: 

Hear the bells ringing,
 they’re singing that we can be born again!
Hear the bells ringing,
 they’re singing, “Christ is risen from the dead!”

Then gradually, the rest of the trees and bushes and flowers in our yard join in so that soon, my soul fairly bursts with joy as I listen to the sounds of nature praising God for resurrection and new life.

Can you hear it, see it, feel it?  HE is risen!  Alleluiah!

Christ's Church in Lyon

We are thankful that the apartment left to the church was sold relatively quickly, thus providing more funds for the church's building project.
Thank you for your continued prayers for the work; as you can see, things are progressing, and we hope to be back in the renovated building by July.   In the meantime, we continue to meet in a sister church’s building on Sunday afternoons at 4:30.

Prayer Requests

~Andrew and Chris as they take exams (May 1-7) and head to France

~termination of the renovations on the church and smooth transition back

~Philippe’s chemo

~that the Lord will use Words Unspoken to touch readers' lives

~The Lifesprings Women's Retreat~ 
May 8-10

~Paul’s weekend with the junior high~
May 23-24

~Weekend with teens at our house discussing the theme of sexuality~ June 27-28

~inauguration of the renovated church building in July

~week of evangelism in Lyon by youth from our church, July 6-12

Joy to the world, He is risen!  Alleluiah!  Is risen!  Alleluiah!  Is risen!  Alleluiah!  Alleluiah!  Alleluiah!
I have spoken before about Fourviere, the basilica that overlooks the city of Lyon which was built in homage to the Virgin Mary.  As you celebrate Easter, please pray for our city here, that the Lord will open the eyes of many in Lyon to worship the Risen Christ.
Spring 2009

Summer, 2009

Fall, 2009

October 2009

December 2009
January, 2009
Dear Friends,Summer, 2009


We just returned from a wonderful weekend in Montpellier, where we attended the wedding of the daughter of our dear friends, the Mouliniers.  We’ve known the bride, Elodie, since she was 2, and Jean-Yves and Christine were extremely involved in the Pompignane Church from its inception.  It was a weekend of celebration with the Moulinier family as well as a chance to attend the Pompignane Church and reconnect with many friends.  The church is doing well, having hired its first salaried pastor and now meeting in a larger facility which has allowed the church to grow.  They still are looking for property on which to construct a building.


We arrived home to the news that Adrien, one of Chris’ classmates from the high school he and Andrew attended here in Lyon, had been killed in a tragic boating accident, likely involving excess speed and alcohol.  This young man had occasionally attended our church years ago and was present at special events, such as Fidji's baptism last year (Spring, 2008), where 10 unchurched friends heard the Gospel presented, (see photo above).  Please be in prayer for this young man's family as well as the many young people who are deeply affected by this tragedy.  Pray for Chris, Jordan and Fidji, believers who are living through this nightmare with all of their friends, that the Lord will give them strength and wisdom.  As you can imagine, there are many questions and tears.  We are all in shock.  I have written an essay that expresses some of what we are feeling here



This weekend about 20 high school and college students will be camping out at our home as the church youth group's last activity before summer break.  Given the recent tragedy, I’m sure there will be many deep discussions.  We value your prayers that the Lord will fill our home and yard with His presence and bless our youth with an ability to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.  It is a great encouragement to our church to have so many committed young people. 


On Sunday July 5, we will have our first church service in the renovated building.  There is much excitement (and lots of hard work) going on at this time.  
Please pray for all those involved in getting the final touches on the building 
as well as the planning for the inauguration ceremonies etc.  The summer and fall 
will be filled with opportunities to celebrate this happy occasion.


During the week of July 6~ 12, our youth group will be involved in an evangelism camp (started completely on the initiative of the young people).  15 youth from our church, including Chris, will embark on a week of evangelistic activities with the goal of reaching out to many in the neighborhood around the church with the good news of Christ.  It will also give our youth the opportunity to invite many school friends to the special evening events planned for the week.  We value your prayers.  Paul and Florent will be quite involved and many of us in the church are providing meals etc.


As of now, there is no leader for the Jr high group next fall.  Carole, who has done a fabulous job for the past 5 years, told the elders back in September that she would be stepping down after this year.  As of yet, we do not have a replacement for Carole.  However, as shepherd of all of the youth groups, Paul will be in charge for the foreseeable future.  Please pray for him as he takes on this role in the midst of all his other shepherding responsibilities.


We’ve delighted in many wonderful family times with our boys (and Beau, of course!)  Andrew is loving his engineering classes and comes home on weekends.  Chris is doing odd jobs and will participate in two camps in July~ the evangelism camp in early July and the English Camp July 18~Aug 1.  Please do pray for both boys as they finish up their time here in France.  We’ll have the first week of August together as a family before both boys fly back to the States on August 7.  Chris will be starting his second year at Covenant and Andrew will be transferring to Georgia Tech as the second half of his 'Dual Degree Program.'

With much love,

Elizabeth, Paul, Andrew and Chris

Finances – International Teams. 411 W. River Road. Elgin, IL  60123
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For those of you who have received our prayer letters for many years, 
you will remember that 10 years ago, when the war broke out in the Balkans, we got to know 100 Kosovo refugees who had ended up in a beach town beside Montpellier.  Through those difficult months we became close friends with one family, Nagib and Tonina Luma, as well as their 17-year-old son, Leonat.  After many ups and downs, these dear friends eventually gained French nationality and live in Metz, France.

Imagine our delight and surprise to find that the French engineering school that Andrew is attending this summer in Metz (in association with Georgia Tech in the States) is literally right across the lake from where the Lumas live.  We were able to reunite with our dear friends when taking Andrew to Metz and they are treating him like their own son.  I call this a huge hug from the Lord and the beauty of the love in the circle of Christ’s body.

Yes, that is Andrew on the right.  
He has cut off his pony tail!

~ The Lifesprings Women's  Retreat in May was a great encouragement to over 70 anglophone women who attended

~the boys are here in France!  We are so thankful for this time together

~Our youth at church and their love and enthusiasm for Christ

Prayer Requests:

~Adrien's family and friends as they grieve

~Philippe's chemo treatments which continue

~Last minute details with preparing the church building

~the inauguration service on July 5

~Youth Evangelism Camp July 6-11

~Chris counseling at English Camp in the Alps, July 18~Aug. 1

~Andrew to finish his summer studies well

~strength for all of us and that we focus on Jesus

As I contemplate the brevity of life and how quickly it can be snuffed out, I think of a little plaque that hangs in my parents’ home:  “Life is fragile; handle with prayer.”

May you handle each day with prayer to our wonderful Savior.  And how we thank you for all the prayers you send up for us.  

"Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen. "  Ephesians 3:20-21
Chris trimming the hedge in our yard.
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What a joy to celebr

Fall, 2009

Dear Friends,
On the weekend of June 27-28, twenty-five young people consecrated themselves to the Lord, enjoying fellowship, food, teaching, games, devotions and small group time.

God is raising up a 
new generation of 
young leaders in France, and we are thrilled to 
know them!
Thank you for praying for our young people.
     Before . . .
     After . . .
Immediately following the opening of the new church building, our youth began an intensive week together, including Bible study in the morning, evangelism in the neighborhood 
in the afternoons and special evening 'soirees' at night to which they invited people they had met on the streets.   
What a joy to celebrate all together once again in this building.  Thanks to many hours of hard work by people in the church, as well as professionals, we have a safer, cleaner spot to welcome people to come together to worship our Lord.

  We were so encouraged to see the enthusiasm and perseverance of the youth to share their faith in Christ and the positive response of those with whom they shared.  Many attended the 'soirees', including a Jazz Concert with musicians from our church.  Another joy was hearing of two of our youth who renewed their commitment to Jesus.
Odette is reunited with all of the Mussers
Chris loved his experience as Counselor at English Camp.  He is back at Covenant, studying (we think) as well as leading a youth group in a small church and being Discipleship Coordinator on his hall.
Andrew enjoyed his engineering classes in Metz.  Several of his friends from school spent a weekend with us and attended our church.  Andrew is now in school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, studying Mechanical Engineering, singing in the Glee Club, and participating in a Christian group on campus. 
October 10~30
Fall activities are in full swing for Paul and me.  In addition to our normal schedules, during the month of October, the church is organizing a series of official inauguration events with a special emphasis on evangelism.  Please pray for all of us as we invite many non-churched friends to attend these events.  We are very excited to see how the Lord will use this time to further His Kingdom.
I will be sending out a more detailed prayer list in two weeks.

Prayer Requests:

~our moment by moment choice to focus on Jesus

~God's protection on the Junior High, Senior High and Young Adult groups in church

Please ask for the Lord's presence and peace during the following events:

Meal, Concert and Praise Evening~September 19

Annual Church Weekend Retreat, September 26~27

Inauguration Activities, October 10~30

Andrew and Chris greatly appreciated their summer
 in France (so did we!)  As a mom, I reveled in every meal eaten together and every conversation shared.  Paul and I are humbled as we watch our sons grow into young men who have hearts for God and a desire to serve wherever the Lord leads them.  We cannot thank you enough for all the prayers you have invested in our sons over the years.  As many of you can testify, parenting doesn't stop when your children leave home, and we continue to value your prayers for them as they prepare for the future.  May their generation of Christians be bold and stand firm in their beliefs.    
Finances – International Teams. 411 W. River Road. Elgin, IL  60123
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Andrew appreciating a new novel!
JULY 5~after a year of renovation, the new and improved church building was officially opened, to the delight of all!  

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The Junior High group in action!
Ever since attending the 'Coming Close to Suffering' Conference last spring, the Lord has been making us more aware of opportunities to reach out to people caught up in human trafficking.  A group of us who attended the conference are meeting regularly to pray for those involved in trafficking in Lyon and to seek the Lord's will on the next steps to take.  I'll tell you more in the next letter, but for now, please pray for us.  
I was privileged to contribute a story to Pearl Girls, Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace, a compliation of essays written by women who have seen the Lord use difficult circumstances to transform them into 'pearls'.  100% of the royalties go to help support two charities.  As I read the other essays in this book, I was both moved to tears and inspired by these stories.  I highly recommend the book as a gift for any woman needing encouragement in the Lord.  To read more about the book and charities, click here.
As always, we wouldn't be here without your prayers for us!

 Much love, 

Elizabeth, Paul, Andrew and Chris
You Tube video about Words Unspoken
Special Prayer Request for October, 2009

As I have shared, this month of October our church is celebrating the inauguration of the new building with many events, focused primarily on evangelism.  This past weekend we had an 'Open
House' at the church, complete with games for kids and other activities, as
well as a concert in the evening.  On Sunday was the official 'ribbon cutting'
where city authorities attended.

How can you pray most effectively for the rest of the month?

1) That those who are invited would attend the events.  
Paul and I have invited many friends and several have responded 
favorably.  However, quite a few others have said they will not 
come to any of the events.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will compel 
many people to attend, in spite of all of their excuses. 
2) For strength and stamina for everyone involved in organizing and helping with the events
3) Against discouragement
4) For the non-churched to hear and respond to the Good News of the Gospel
5) For God to be glorified

For those of you who have time for more specific prayer, here are the dates of activities:

Daily throughout the month~ Art Exposition 'The Word through Painting' (tracing the biblical story through the works of the Great Masters; includes audio sets and clearly presents the Gospel.

Sundays October 18 and 25 "Discovery Worship Services" with the emphasis on evangelism.  Yesterday's service, the first of three 'dscovery' services, was attended by almost 300 people, many of them unchurched.

Friday and Saturday October 16 and 17, 'Questioning God' ~2 conferences where the orators will answer such questions as 
~if there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world?
~if there is a God, why would He allow the Wars of Religion?
~what happens after death?
~is the Bible trustworthy?

Friday October 23~Debate and Conference on 'What is the Meaning of Life?'

Wednesday-Friday, October 28-30~ Kids Club held at the church

Many, many thanks and much love, Elizabeth
Merry Christmas!                   December, 2009

This fall, a group of 10 women have worked together to organize a breakfast for the women in the church, with the theme being 'Growing Deep Roots in Christ.'  On the morning of December 5, 50 women met at church for fellowship, breakfast, teaching and discussion in small groups.  What a delight to see this dream of ours come to fruition.  We are planning two more 
breakfasts in the Spring of 2010. 

                                                  I've mentioned my involvement with a group of believers who have been
                                                    praying for opportunities here in Lyon to minister to women caught up in
                                                      human trafficking.  Please pray for protection and wisdom and great mercy
                                                       as we hand out small gifts this season to women caught up in this industry.  Jesus has come to set the captives free!

                                                     Paul continues to thrive in his role of shepherding the people in our
                                                        church.  Some of his favorite 'sheep' are those in our Jr. and Sr. High
                                                           Youth Groups.  Last week the junior high kids decorated cookies and
                                                                this weekend, December 19-20, we'll have about 20 young people for
                                                          our annual baking, decorating and handing out cookie plates to
                                                                                                                neighbors and shopowners in some of the
                                                                                                                     villages in the north of Lyon.    Paul will also
                                                                                                                    be leading studies on the theme of sexuality.
                                                                                                                    As always, we greatly value your prayers for
                                                    the weekend.


Twenty years ago~December 8, 1989~ Paul, Andrew (at 18 months) and I moved across the ocean, landing in Montpellier, France to begin our adventure as career missionaries with International Teams.  The Berlin wall had recently collapsed and in the ensuing months, we saw Eastern Europe open up.  What challenging, exciting times those were!

I look back in awe that twenty years later, Paul and I are still here in France.  A verse that was read when we were ‘sent out’ was "Faithful is He who calls you and He will also bring it to pass.” Philippians 1:6.  Our great God has been faithful to use us, two ordinary ‘jars of clay’ with all our nicks and cracks, to be His vessels in France.  We are still here not because of any heroic role we have played but because we serve a Faithful God who chooses to use His children to further His Gospel in this world.
So please join us in shouting ‘Merci, Seigneur!” (thank you, Lord) to the ONE who has sent us Emmanuel, Jesus, and given us the reason to celebrate.
December Events
Us with our teammates at Cheryl's surprise 40th birthday party.

In November I spent three weeks in Atlanta helping care for my mother after her open-heart surgery.  She is slowly recovering and we are all thankful for the many people who have prayed for her.

While in Atlanta, I was blessed with time with my whole family.

Andrew and Lacy showing my 96-year-old grandmother the engagement ring~which was originally Grandmom's! 
The biggest news in the Musser family is that at the end of October, Andrew flew to Ecuador to propose to his girlfriend Lacy (who was nearing the end of her 6-month internship), and she said 'Yes'!  We are delighted to see how the Lord has brought Andrew and Lacy together and excited to see the plans He has for their future.  The wedding date 
is set for May 15.

 A Word from Paul

During our many years in France, we have learned a great deal about the French and their culture.  We know that for someone to hear the Gospel and respond was more of a process than an event.  And we know more about trusting God for the process to happen in His timing.

This has played out time and again in our lives and around us.  We are often in a hurry for someone to understand and take his first steps of faith.  But God isn’t in a hurry.  Something about “being in a hurry” suggests we are running behind schedule, right?  Or that we’re having trouble fitting in everything we have to get done…  Doesn’t that sound pretty silly where God is concerned?!?

We are seeing God at work all around us – but not in hurried and harried ways.  He knows what He is about, and His will is perfect.  He will not overlook important things, or rush past someone sincerely seeking Him.  We choose to firmly believe He is working out His purposes, according to His schedule in Lyon.  
Perhaps you are feeling hurried and harried right now.   
As Amy Grant sings:

"I need a silent night, a holy night, 
to hear an angel's voice
amidst the chaos and the noise.
I need a midnight clear, a little peace right here
To end this crazy day with a silent night."

Exciting News!
Inaugural Events
The Women's Breakfast
Finances – International Teams. 411 W. River Road. Elgin, IL  60123
Correspondance–898 Quai Pierre Dupont, 69270 Rochetaillee-sur-Saone, FRANCE
Email –,,
Web page –
We pray God's peace on you and that you will experience the joy of resting in 
His Holy presence at the end of your busy days.
With much love, Elizabeth, Paul, Andrew and Christopher
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Thanks so much for praying for the church's Inauguration Events during the month of October.  Some events were very well attended, others not so well, but in the end, over 200 unchurched visitors  stepped through the church's doors and heard the Gospel.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests."
~Luke 2:14