Two Destinies

               When will Two Destinies be available in English? Can you                             explain why it's taking so long to find a publisher?

               If I had a dollar for each time a reader asked me about the fate                    of Two Destinies, I'd be a rich woman!  Here's the story.  I wrote                 Two Destinies in 1998 as the final novel in my French-Algerian                  trilogy.  Two Crosses was published in 1996 and Two                                      Testaments in 1997.  During that time, my publisher, Victor Books, formerly a subsidiary of Scripture Press was bought out by Cook Communications and a moratorium was put on all adult fiction.  Thus Two Destinies was not published.  In the past 9 years the manuscript has been sent to many publishers, all of whom--so far--have turned it down.  In the meantime, my foreign publishers in Holland, Germany and Norway have published the whole trilogy and it has enjoyed success in these countries and remains in print.

I have a great agent now who is trying to find a publishing house for Two Destinies.  I will keep you informed.  I long to have this novel available for my readers.  Ideally I would love to see Two Crosses and Two Testaments back in print too.  These are mattters requiring lots of patience and prayers.  Thank you for asking!

1994.  In the south of France, a high school teacher, a homeless man and a young Algerian student newly converted to Christianity embark on a journey of faith which leads them into the midst of Algeria's civil war and into a war for their souls--a war that will force each one to choose between two cultures, two religions and two destinies. 

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